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Thriving workplaces are cultivated through deliberate action from leaders and their teams. The Cultivate Methodology emphasizes a personalized approach, recognizing that one size does not fit all. Our goal isn't to provide you with predefined services to which your organization must conform. Instead, we leverage our skills and experience to help you create tailored programs that align with and enhance your unique organizational culture, employee experience, and employee engagement.

The Cultivate Tools

Key Program

The “key” to unlocking your organization’s potential comes from interactions with your people.

The foundation of Key is building trust and connection while addressing the fundamentals of engagement. Key promotes a culture of ongoing support and guidance through a series of extended conversations (Key Conversations) between an employee and their manager. Key Conversations ensure proper alignment of objectives and resources through communication at all levels of the organization.

The benefits of the Key Program are:

  • Increased personal connection and trust
  • Opportunity to uncover potential issues
  • Opportunity to provide feedback and recognition
  • Provide organizational connection


We partner with survey providers, like CultureID, to capture comprehensive, science-based results that uncover your employees’ needs and perceptions.

Cultivate Solutions mirrors the E3 science-based approach to employee engagement using the Key Program. Key is the intentional management approach to unlock the potential of your employees, teams, and organization.

Cultivate will work with your survey results, from whichever survey provider you prefer, to identify strategies unique to your teams, develop actions, and implement the Key Program which will drive and sustain an organizational culture where employees can thrive.

Lock in Success Plan

Work through your employees’ goals to determine what success looks like, and “lock in” your pathway to reaching it.

What is success for your employees? Each employee will define success differently. It may be money, position, type of work, work/life balance, challenge, learning, exercising certain skills, etc. Understanding this allows a manager to provide an environment where employees are motivated and energized to be successful.

Using this workbook and “locking in” on your employees’ success, together you can:

  • Establish an environment where employees are motivated
  • Open the door to possibilities for the employee and the organization
  • Improve the conversations you have with each employee
  • Create accountability

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“Sara conducted extensive research, solicited employee feedback, and established a sound business case for building her program. She found that employees struggle to identify and articulate their passions, often constrained by where they are in life versus feeling empowered to control their own destiny. She developed a step-by-step process to interview and coach the employee through an exploration and documentation of what matters most to them. Her process results in tangible goals that viscerally motivates the employee and a path of intermediate objectives that progresses to their ultimate success.”

Jerry Himes

Additional Resources

The Primes

The PRIMES is a collection of “eureka” moments experienced by teams driving major change initiatives.

Don Rheem

Don Rheem uses cutting-edge neuroscience to show leaders how to create high-performance workplace cultures where employees can thrive.

Thrive By Design

Thrive By Design explores the science behind what drives employee performance from a brain-based perspective.

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Thriving workplaces come from intentional effort by leaders and their teams.
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Successful organizations focus their energy on three main areas: corporate culture, employee experience, and employee engagement.
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Thriving workplaces come from intentional effort by leaders and their teams.
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Copyright by Cultivate Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Cultivate Solutions. All rights reserved.